Brass Roots employees honored by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences®

Brass Roots employees honored by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences®

Beverly Hills, CA - Employees and associates of Brass Roots Technologies were among a select group honored today by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences® with Scientific and Engineering Awards for their contributions furthering the design and refinement of the Texas Instruments DLP Cinema® projection technology, whose high level of performance enabled color-accurate digital intermediate preview and motion picture theatrical presentation.

The Scientific and Engineering Award recipients are:

While employed at Texas Instruments, this group and others created the current generation of DLP Cinema® Technology which has become the digital projection standard used by the vast majority of global movie theatre screens and is now honored by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences®.

DLP Cinema® technology uses TI’s award winning Digital Micro Mirror Devices (DMDs) in conjunction with significant advances in digital image processing, optics, and opto-mechanics. “The image quality requirements of the Hollywood community far exceeded anything achievable with prior technologies, and so a new technology and performance paradigm was needed to reach our goal of revolutionizing the cinematic experience,” said Brad Walker, Vice President Engineering, Brass Roots Technologies. At its height, the DLP Cinema® development team consisted of approximately 20 engineers and technicians that worked tirelessly for about a decade to invent, evolve, and refine the key technologies.

“In addition to award winning engineering, the success of this effort also depended on visionary leadership and exceptional relationship management with key people in the Hollywood community,” said Frank Poradish, President, Brass Roots Technologies. “All in all, it took a much larger team, with a broad variety of disciplines, to make DLP Cinema® the success that it is today. Everyone involved in this effort should be proud of the accomplishment and the impact that it has had in the world of motion pictures.”

To commemorate this special occasion, Brass Roots Technologies compiled a brief history of DLP Cinema® to recognize the development team behind this extraordinary technology. Please read: A special tribute to the visionaries and contributors of DLP Cinema®

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