Brass Roots Technologies

Brass Roots Technologies is an engineering 'skunkworks' specializing in systems design of high-performance optoelectronics and optomechanics. With a unique combination of optical, mechanical, and electronics design teams as well as prototype manufacturing capabilities under one roof, Brass Roots Technologies provides unmatched system-level perspective, custom engineering design services and product solutions for clients worldwide.
Engineering at light speed
Engineering Services With a nimble team of system architects and designers, we identify the correct problems to solve and invent only when needed to quickly and efficiently develop custom engineering solutions that balance business, technology, and manufacturing goals.
Differentiation starts here
Products Brass Roots' products take performance, features and flexibility to the next level to offer unmatched differentiation from the crowd. If we can't significantly outperform the rest of the field - or redefine the category outright - then we won't offer it.

Recent Blogs

Brass Roots Upgrades In-House CNC Machining Capacity

Brass Roots Technologies today announced the acquisition of a precision CNC Lathe. The new asset will complement the already installed CNC Vertical Mill to support Brass Roots' custom engineering design and prototyping business.